Can I convert my wfm files to an open format+ such as a CSV (comma separated values) file?


You can use one of the following three WFM to ASCII converters.

Converter for TDSxxx - works with files created by TDSx00 series (for example, TDS500 series)

Converter for TDS5xxx,TDS6xxx, TDS7xxx, DPO7xxx,DPO70xxx, DSA70xxx

Converter for the TDS3xxx, DPO2xxx, MSO2xxx, DPO3xxx, DPO4xxx and MSO4xxx

The .wfm converter utility programs are DOS prompt program. In order to run it, you need to execute it in the DOS prompt.

  1. Save both of the converter executable and the .wfm file in the same directory.
  2. Go to "Start" menu and then "Run". Type in either "cmd" or "command" to bring up the DOS prompt.
  3. Change directory to where you saved the .wfm file and the converter executable using the "cd <directory>" command.
  4. The command usage is listed either in the readme file or on the download page.

For the .wfm converter v1.97 for the TDSxxx series scopes

  • Usage: cnvrtwfm [flags] <.wfm file name>
  • Example: cnvrtwfm -l tek001.wfm
  • Please see the readme file for the options on the flags

For the .wfm converter v1.0 for the TDS5xxx, TDS6xxx, TDS7xxx, DPO7xxx, DPO7xxxx, DSA7xxxx, MSO7xxxxx

  • Usage: ConvertTekWfm [ /? | InputFile [ /TXT | /CSV | /MCAD | /MLAB ] [OutputFile] ]
  • Example: ConvertTekWfm Tek001.wfm /CSV Tek001.csv

For the .isf to .csv converter v2.0

  • Usage: cnvrtwfm [flags] <.isf file name>
  • Example: cnvrtwfm -l -8- myfile.isf
  • Please see the readme file for the options on the flags
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