RF & MPEG Monitoring of Satellite, Terrestrial and Cable TV networks

The RF & MPEG Series of products provide in-depth RF & Transport Stream monitoring and diagnostics with a range of RF network interfaces including ISDB-Tb, DVB-S/S2, DVB-T, ATSC 8-VSB and QAM A, B & C. Software additions allow Network Management System integration (VQNet) and Video and Audio Quality Analysis (VQS1000).

Models in the RF & MPEG Series: 

Model RFM220
Monitoring ISDB-Tb RF: MER, CNR, BER, PER, Constellation, SFN Window (Channel Impulse Response), Spectrum Display; MPEG: TMCC and IIP Data; Alarm Reporting, Event Logs, 7-day RF Trending
Network Interfaces ASI Input, ISDB-Tb RF Input, ASI Demodulated Output
Number of Inputs 2
Number of Outputs 1
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FlexVuPlus™ user interfaceImproves operational efficiency through a uniquely simplified presentation of video quality and diagnostic information
Learning ModeAuto-configuration of monitoring parameters creates true “monitoring by exception” environment
Hierarchical views of network, media and data information for diagnosticsAccelerates time to insight allowing engineers to rapidly identify the root cause of underlying service problems
Unique dual-level alarming and seven day trending informationFind the problem before your customer does by proactively identifying impending problems
Single scalable solution for real-time transmission monitoring of MPEG transport streamsTailor capital expenditure with operational growth
Embedded architectureEnsures high availability with a system designed specifically for continuous 24x7 operation (disk free operation)
MER and EVM measurementsCritical RF measurements provide early indication of signal degradation before any picture impairment is visible to the viewer 
Video & Audio Quality Monitoring plug-inProvides reliable and sophisticated analysis algorithms applied to de-coded MPEG 2 or H.264 video to identify stuck, black, macro-blocking and blocky compression artifacts

Measuring Video and Audio Quality of Experience (QoE)

This application note shows you how to objectively rate a program at different points in the network to understand and pinpoint when and where degradation has occurred.

Critical RF Measurements in Cable, Satellite and Terrestrial DTV Systems

The secret to maintaining reliable and high-quality services over different digital television transmission systems is to focus on critical factors that may compromise the integrity of the system. This application note describes those critical RF test measurements which help to detect such problems before viewers lose their service and picture completely.

Video Backhaul

Using the MTM400A video backhauling functionality, discover out how to deliver a remote program to an operator via a network link, even several thousand miles, without altering them in any way and preserving the native compression.

A Guide to MPEG Fundamentals and Protocol Analysis

MPEG is one of the most popular audio/video compression techniques because it is not just a single standard. Instead, it is a range of standards suitable for different applications but based on similar principles. MPEG is an acronym for the Moving Picture Experts Group.

Predict your TV viewing quality with ISDB-Tb RF Monitoring

How to develop an RF network monitoring strategy with the RFM220 ISDB-Tb Measurement Demodulator

Testing Digital Television Standards: ISDB-TB

Brazilian testing standards poster


Download our Free Digital Video Broadcasting poster containing information on ISO/IEC 13818-1 and ETSI EN 300 468 International Standards.

PCR Measurements Primer

Engineers and technicians who monitor or measure video parameters must have confidence in the results. We describe in this primer a new procedure for jitter measurements as recommended in TR 101 290.



RF & MPEG Related Information

Poster: Delivering Digital Content To the Home

DVB, ISDB, ATSC, and SCTE Standards poster: delivering digital video to the home using MPEG-2.

Get Your Free MPEG Poster

MPEG posterHere is your free ATSC MPEG Standard poster.

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Video Test and Monitoring solutions include Baseband Video, MPEG Video and Video Quality & Service Assurance.

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