Protocol performance validation solutions allow you to capture and analyze DDR memory bus command and control timing sequences and compare them to the memory interface specification or analyze bus traffic as indicators of bus utilization or performance using the Memory Compliance Analyzer.

The Memory Compliance Analyzer automates protocol compliance and performance statistics with concurrent real-time protocol and state trigger analyzers for DDR3, DDR3L and DDR4 memory interfaces.

Recommended Equipment

MCA4000/MCA3000 Memory Compliance Analyzer The Memory Compliance Analyzer is a new kind of instrument that provides simultaneous real-time visibility of the occurrence of an event and post-acquisition analysis capability of the DDR3, DDR3L and DDR4 memory interfaces. Sophisticated trigger, with deep acquisition memory enable capturing events of interest over long periods of time.
P6900 Series Probes The P6900 series of probes for DDR memory application offer excellent signal integrity providing a true representation of the signal - critical for connecting to high-speed memory interfaces and performing debug and analysis. These probes also allow the MCA to be used independently or concurrently with the TLA7000 Series logic analyzer.
Interposers A comprehensive set of interposer solutions for major JEDEC memory standards, each interposer includes a bus protocol decode package and iCi’s tool for automated threshold and sample point analysis and setup.