Performing Lab Experiments on a TBS1000B-EDU Oscilloscope

12 March 2014
Duration: 3:36

This video will show you how to review, run and document a lab experiment using the TBS1000B-EDU oscilloscope’s courseware feature.

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The World’s First Dedicated Teaching Oscilloscope

With integrated courseware, the full featured TBS1000B-EDU oscilloscope helps make teaching lab environments more efficient.

Leverage the Complete Courseware Toolkit

TBS1000B-EDU Oscilloscope with Monitor

Find out how the TBS1000B-EDU PC Courseware Editor Tool and courseware resource website can help you become more efficient in the classroom.

Download the PC Courseware Editor Tool

Use the Courseware Editor PC Software for creating, editing and administering lab materials. Save lab material in a file format readable by the TBS1000B-EDU Series Oscilloscopes, or export as a pdf