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 2013 Product of the Year AwardFeaturing Spiral Shunt™ technology, the new Tektronix PA4000 Power Analyzer delivers consistently accurate measurements, even with challenging power waveforms. While most power analyzers rely on zero-crossing point to detect and track fundamental frequency, the PA4000 Power Analyzer uses a unique method to lock onto signals, no matter how complex. Add in wide current and voltage input ranges, built-in test modes and standard PC interfaces, and you have a power analyzer that’s as versatile as it is accurate.

Models in the PA4000 Power Analyzer Series: 



Uncompromised Measurement Accuracy Have confidence in your measurements, even if your power is far from sinusoidal.
Dual Spiral Shunt Current Shunts Maximize stability over the entire current, frequency, and temperature range. Every input channel includes both a 1 A and a 30 A shunt for measuring from µW to kW with one instrument.
Full Suite of Power Measurements Covers your measurement requirements from RMS current and voltage to harmonics up to the 100th harmonic.
High Crest Factor Tolerance Measure accurately with current crest factors up to 10.
Fast Autoranging for Voltage and Current Inputs Responds quickly to changes in input levels, ensuring that you get good data even under variable conditions.
Application-specific Test Modes Built-in PWM motor mode, lighting ballast mode, standby current mode, and integrator mode, let you quickly configure for specific applications.
USB, LAN and RS-232 interfaces come standard Every instrument comes with common PC interfaces, and a USB flash drive port, making it easy to get your data.  PWRVIEW™ software is included with the instrument, and GPIB is available as an option.


Datasheet Accessory Description
View Datasheet CL1200 Current Clamp, 0.1A - 1200A
View Datasheet CL200 Current Clamp, 0.5A - 200A
CT-100-M Fixed-Core Current Transducer, Hall Effect, up to 100A
CT-1000-M Fixed-Core Current Transducer, Hall Effect, up to 1000A
View Datasheet CT-1000-S Fixed-Core Current Transducer, High Accuracy, up to 1000A (requires external power supply)
CT-200-M Fixed-Core Current Transducer, Hall Effect, up to 200A
View Datasheet CT-200-S Fixed-Core Current Transducer, High Accuracy, up to 200A
CT-500-M Fixed-Core Current Transducer, Hall Effect, up to 500A
View Datasheet CT-60-S Fixed-Core Current Transducer, High Accuracy, up to 60A

Standby Power Primer

The definitive guide to making standby power measurements on electrical equipment. This primer details how to meet the requirements of the IEC62301 Ed.2 standard.

Fundamentals of AC Power Measurements

This application note introduces the basic concepts of power measurements and defines of key terms such as: root mean square, real power, apparent power, power factor, crest factor and harmonic Distortion

Power Analysis of PWM Motor Drives

PWM motor drives are now becoming the dominant method of variable speed motor control this application note explains electrical measurements commonly performed on these drives.

The Fundamentals of Three-Phase Power Measurements

This technical note describes the basic principles of three-phase systems and the difference between the different measurement connections that are possible.

  • PWM Drive Application

    View this presentation on making real-world power measurements on PWM motor and...

    : 3:49


Making Standby Power Measurement Webinar

Jon Francis, Marketing Manager for Power Analyzers, talks about some of the challenges you’ll face when measuring standby power. He describes some of the parameters that are unique to the IEC62301 Ed.2 standard that governs measurement of standby power, and introduces Tektronix software to automate the testing and reporting process.

Fundamentals of Testing Power Conversion Efficiency

Learn techniques to accurately measure conversion efficiency and other performance parameters using a precision power analyzer. Real-life test devices will be used including a motor drive, inverter and a power supply to highlight test methods accross various applications.

PA4000 Power Analyzer Related Information

Fundamentals of AC Power Measurements

Need to brush up on power factor? Review real power, apparent power, crest factor and more.

Fundamentals of 3 Phase Power Measurements

Review the basics of three-phase measurements. Take accurate measurements on wye, delta, and split-phase systems.

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