For 100G & 400G design challenges, Tektronix provides instrumentation and measurement expertise for PHY Tx, Rx and Optical Modulation Analysis with solutions that are future-proof and scalable.

100G Optical and Electrical Tx/Rx
  • Perform 100G optical and electrical Tx/Rx characterization with the highest confidence level, debug efficiently when problems occur, and characterize PAM-4 for 400G technology.

Coherent Optical Design
  • Accelerate coherent optical design with Tektronix Tx/Rx solutions. Future proof your test system with a scalable solution that is ready for 400G and has superior EVM and BER performance.


Optical Communications

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Keys to Successful Coherent Acquisition

Acquiring and analyzing coherent optical signals can present unique challenges to the engineer.  Download your free Technical Brief to understand how to tackle these challenges.

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Coherent Optical Reference Poster

Identifying the cause of coherent optical transmitter and receiver impairments can be challenging.  Get the Coherent Optical Reference Poster to help speed your designs.

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100G Network Design & Test Poster

A large reference poster of critical 100G networking standards, including the IEEE 802.3b standards and OIF-CEI, and testing methodologies.

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