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NAB 2013


We hope that you enjoyed the show and were able to get all the information you needed.

Below you will find additional information on the advanced test, measurement and monitoring solutions we demonstrated at the show.


WFM2200 - The WFM2200 portable waveform monitor is an ideal tool for production setup, installation, troubleshooting and maintenance testing, in-plant or out. It’s small and light (less than 4 lb.) and offers an array of basic waveform monitor features in a highly portable form factor: video and audio monitoring capabilities; a large, sharp display; instant sync pulse checks, and more.


WFM/WVR5200 - The WFM5200 waveform monitor and WVR5200 rasterizer are the world's smallest fully featured waveform monitor and rasterizer - offering uncompromised monitoring quality with sharp CRT-like traces, SD/HD monitoring, a range of software options, and an upgrade path to 3G-SDI.


WVR 5200:


WFM/WVR5250 - The new WFM and WVR5250 are the only products in their respective classes to offer HDMI-HDCP inputs that enable broadcasters and video service providers (VSP) to directly monitor the quality of the video and audio output of set-top boxes (STB) and Blu-ray players. This unique capability makes the WFM/WVR5250 the most comprehensive, compact and portable video and audio test tools available for acquisition, post production and compliance monitoring.




WFM/WVR7200 – The WFM7200 waveform monitor and the WVR7200 rasterizer help content providers verify the quality of video content and make precision adjustments that reduce the potential for gamut errors during the editing and format conversion process, effectively preventing client dissatisfaction and the need for costly rework.




WFM/WVR8300 – The WFM8300 waveform monitor and the WVR8300 rasterizer are ideal for multi-format environments, providing flexible options and field-installable upgrade kits to monitor diverse video types, including 3 Gb/s SDI, Dual Link, HD/SD SDI and Composite Analog Video.






SPG8000 – The new SPG8000 is an entirely new type of reference generator that combines industry-leading sync pulse generator and master clock reference generator capabilities, specifically for HDTV production.


TG8000 – The new TG8000 Signal Generator offers robust, comprehensive SD/HD and 3G-SDI signal generation for design and evaluation of professional video equipment such as routers, servers, encoders and transcoders.




PQA600A – Picture Quality Analyzers are used for the design, evaluation and test of the encoding, transcoding and decoding processes. HDMI testing is critical in today’s consumer electronics like Set Top Boxes and Blu-Ray players which output video through an HDMI interface with HDCP encryption. To that end, the PQA600A uniquely decodes the HDCP protocol, and enables video quality performance comparisons on a range of consumer electronics.


MTS4000 – The MTS4000 MPEG Analyzer is ideal for the analysis and troubleshooting of audio / video and transport problems in 10G networks for fault isolation and root cause analysis. Targeting a range of design, validation and test, field diagnostics and troubleshooting applications, the MTS4000 offers unparalleled analysis capabilities for examining the video and audio quality of IP and RF video services.


Sentry 10G – Only Tektronix’ Sentry can comprehensively perform advanced quality of service (QoS) and quality of experience (QoE) monitoring on 3Gpbs of programming flowing through service providers’ 10Gigabit networks. These unprecedented capabilities of Sentry enable VSPs to identify where service-affecting video and audio errors are occurring anywhere within their networks.


Sentry Edge II – Sentry Edge II, which has advanced post QAM RF monitoring performance that extends monitoring to all QAM access points. Sentry Edge II detects RF modulation and Transport Stream errors at the hub, headend or wherever QAM is used. VSPs now have access to the information needed to proactively monitor RF, before issues affect subscribers.


Cerify – Tektronix' Cerify content analysis software provides fully automated quality control for file-based video, reducing the verification cycle by allowing QC teams to focus exclusively on problem content. The tool also provides custom definable test templates, so users can automatically measure conformance to quality standards for a variety of different content types and measurement channels.


MTM400A – The MTM400A provides a complete solution for real-time transmission monitoring of MPEG Transport Streams over RF and ASI interfaces. Powerful confidence monitoring capability and deep diagnostic measurements are both combined into a single integrated solution. This supports Broadcasters, Cable, Satellite, and Telecommunication Operators to deliver superior QoS levels with reduced operational expenditure.


RFM220 – The RFM220 is a measurement demodulator for broadcast network operators who deploy and maintain ISDB-Tb broadcast networks by providing remote monitoring of all key ISDB-Tb broadcast RF parameters, with 7-day long-term trending, high-performance diagnostic RF capabilities, and event logging for unattended operation.


RFM300 – The RFM300 provides a complete solution for real-time DTV monitoring of MPEG transport streams. The comprehensive RF and PSIP confidence-monitoring capability provides a powerful and cost-effective solution for monitoring DTV transmitter sites, along with contribution and distribution feeds at local and national operation centers for FCC compliance.


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