Video Design & Test

Do you design, manufacture or evaluate professional and consumer video products? Tektronix can help you with these critical needs:

  • Encoder and Multiplexer Design
  • 3G-SDI Components and Systems
  • HDMI compliance testing per CTS (Compliance Test Specification) V1.3c

Evaluating 3G-SDI Components and Systems

Product Description
  • Multiformat Analog and Digital Test Signal Generation
  • Ideal Channel Configuration and Performance to Support Reference Generator Needs
  • Modular Configurable Platform
  • Provides a variety of reference sync signals such as Black Burst and Tri-Level Sync (GPS7,BG7, ATG7)
  • Variety of analog test signal support for SD (AVG7, ATG7) and HD (AWVG7)
  • SDI Video Test signals SD (DVG7,SDI7), HD (HDVG7, SDI7) Dual Link (HDLG7) and 3G (SDI7, HD3G7) and AES/EBU Audio Test Tone Generator and DARS (AG7)
  • Embedded Audio Test Tone Generation for various SDI formats (DVG7,HDVG7, SDI7, HDLG7,HD3G7)
  • Timecode insertion for LTC, VITC and ANC supported in a variety of modules (GSP7 with BG7 or SDI7)

Codec Design – Hardware and Software Testing

Product Description
MTX100B MPEG Generator to capture and play out the captured stream
MTS4EA Elementary Stream Analysis software, includes video extraction to a YUV file for use with PQA600
PQA600 Picture Quality Analyzer to capture and analyze both the reference and test files. Algorithm debug and performance optimization

Encoder and Multiplexer Design

Product Description
MTS4000 The MTS4000 MPEG Analyzer is ideal for the analysis and troubleshooting of audio/video and transport problems in 10G networks for fault isolation and root cause analysis. Cross-layer analysis of the video and audio quality includes real-time video and audio QoE analysis, Picture Quality Analysis, and advanced Elementary Stream analysis including H.264 intra profile and SVC support.
MTS4EA Elementary Stream Analysis software. Includes bitstream editor to quickly assess the impact of encoder configuration changes
MTM400A Diagnostic monitor for long term test environments
VQS1000 Video Quality Software application for single ended QoE analysis of video and audio content



Measuring Wireless Power Charging Systems for Portable Electronics

Learn how to measure the efficiency of power transfer using the Qi interface.

Understanding PQR, DMOS and PSNR Measurements

This application note covers these various measurement aspects and how to address quality issues during the transition.

Picture Quality Measurement for Video Applications

This application note focuses on the issues video engineers face when developing and/or evaluating an algorithm, device or video signal path; and the objective picture quality measurement solutions Tektronix® provides to support those requirements.

Objective Measurements and Subjective Assessments Application Note

By using the PQA500 video, content providers can evaluate the various compression and delivery formats to ensure the best possible picture quality of the program.

High Definition Analog Component Measurement

Despite the benefits of digital signal processing, the final signal received by the customer is still converted to an analog signal for display on a picture monitor. With the proliferation of a wide variety of digital devices - set-top boxes, Digital Versatile Disk (DVD) players and PC cards - comes a wide range of video formats beside the standard composite output. It is therefore necessary to understand the requirements for measuring analog component High Definition (HD) signals in order to test the performance of these devices.

Hydra recommended hardware

Download the Hydra recommended hardware.

Tips and Tricks: Interpretation of HDMI EDID Data with the WFM5250 SDI/HDMI Waveform Monitor

Learn how to use the WFM5250 Waveform Monitor to analyze HDMI EDID packets.

Tips & Tricks: TG8000 Signal Generator Zone Plate Test Pattern

Using a “Zone Plate” test pattern to accurately measure the frequency characteristics of the equipment.

A Guide to MPEG Fundamentals and Protocol Analysis

MPEG is one of the most popular audio/video compression techniques because it is not just a single standard. Instead, it is a range of standards suitable for different applications but based on similar principles. MPEG is an acronym for the Moving Picture Experts Group.

Troubleshooting Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) issues in Video Service Provider Networks

Learn the benefits and faults of the two most common test methods for troubleshooting video signal problems and the critical capabilities needed in an MPEG analyzer.


HD and 3G-SDI Physical Layer Webinar

There has always been a quest to achieve the film look within digital video, and with that comes the challenge to achieve higher resolutions with greater dynamic range, along with bit-depth at higher data rates. Learn about the methods being deployed to transport this high-speed data around a facility. 34 minutes.

MPEG Timing and Synchronization Webinar

Whether your job is to design Encoders and Set Top Boxes (STBs), or to evaluate or integrate them, dealing effectively with timing concerns is essential. A Tektronix Buffer Analyzer can pinpoint the source of timing problems, and our webinar covering Program Clock Reference (PCR) issues and more explains timing principles and their impact on video quality.

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