Cerify v7.3 (Windows) can be installed as a new installation or to update an existing installation of Cerify (Windows). It can also be used for evaluations in demo mode.

If your evaluation involves processing of files other than the ones provided with this package, you will need a demo license dongle. Please contact your Tektronix representative to attain a demo dongle. Please refer to the release notes for details about what's new in this release.

Cerify v7.3 adds the ability to perform PSE analysis to identify any flash/pop sequences in videos that might trigger Photo Sensitive Epilepsy. This version also adds the ability to perform audio loudness testing per EBU R128 specifications as well as updating the ITU 1770 loudness tests to the updated ITU 1770-2 specifications. Additionally, users will now be able to perform PPM audio ballistic tests as well as audio loudness testing of channels spread across multiple audio tracks.

PLEASE NOTE: Customer dongles used with previous versions of Cerify need to be reprogrammed to be used with version 7.3. Please ensure that you get an updated license file from Tektronix prior to upgrading your Cerify system to this software as the older license will not work with this new version. To update the license on your existing Cerify system, please send the c2v file for your license dongle to cerify-support@tek.com.

Demo dongles can be used with this version without a need for any update unless PSE functionality is needed.

  • Version: V7.3.2.10
  • Software Type: Application
  • Release Date: Oct 18 2011 - 07:00 am
  • Part Number: 066423407

Release Notes