Tektronix and Huntron Team Up to Troubleshoot Printed Circuit Boards

BEAVERTON, OREGON (February 2, 1998) -- Tektronix, Inc. (NYSE: TEK) and Huntron Instruments, Inc. of Mill Creek, Washington today announced a strategic alliance to manufacture and market the Tektronix TR 210 Huntron Tracker®, a quick and cost-effective tool for troubleshooting printed circuit board defects. Huntron will manufacture the new product, utilizing proprietary Huntron circuitry, while Tektronix will have the exclusive rights to market and sell the TR 210 worldwide.

The TR 210 is a particularly valuable tool for troubleshooting intermittent failures, catastrophic failures and situations where technicians are concerned that applying power to the circuit board might cause additional problems. Unlike general-purpose test equipment, which requires power to be applied to the circuit being tested, Huntron's Tracker technology tests components by applying a current-limited AC signal (that can vary in amplitude and frequency) across two test points, thereby creating a unique current-voltage "analog signature". The resulting display can be used to judge the overall health of the device or circuit being tested. The Huntron Tracker technology works equally well with digital, analog and hybrid boards or components and is UL-certified for the U.S. market and CE-certified for European customers.

The TR 210 implements the same technology previously available in the Huntron Tracker 2000, except that the monitor has been replaced with BNC outputs that can be connected to the inputs of an oscilloscope. In this type of application, the oscilloscope is operated in the X/Y mode and the displayed signal is the same as that typically viewed on the monitor of the Huntron Tracker 2000. The TR 210 applies the signals, while the oscilloscope provides the monitor and necessary acquisition capabilities. Now, for about the same price and performance as the previously available Huntron Tracker 2000, customers can buy the TR 210 and a powerful oscilloscope, such as the Tektronix TDS 200 Series.

The TR 210 features four test ranges identical to the Huntron Tracker 2000, and an additional low-voltage (3 volt) range for low-power surface-mounted devices. Three test frequencies allow for the testing of capacitors and inductors, while a two-channel pulse generator tests gate-fired devices. Used in the two-channel comparison mode, the TR 210 enables automatic switching between the reference signal and the suspect signal, speeding up the testing process.

Tektronix customer research indicates that the majority of TR 210s will be sold with TDS 200 Series digital storage oscilloscopes, although the product will operate with any oscilloscope. The 60 MHz TDS 210 and the 100 MHz TDS 220 Digital Real-Time TM oscilloscopes are both two-channel, and offer a 1 gigasample per second sampling rate.


The TR 210 includes shrouded banana leads and two mini-clip leads. It is available worldwide from authorized Tektronix distributors starting January 23, 1998.

About Huntron

Huntron Instruments, founded in 1976, is the leading supplier of power-off troubleshooting and analysis tools for the manufacturing, maintenance and repair of electronic equipment. The company is headquartered in Mill Creek, Washington, and maintains sales and service offices throughout the U.S., Europe, South America and Asia.

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