Spectrum Management

With the explosion of wireless devices, the detection and classification of signals in both licensed and unlicensed spectrum is an ever-growing issue.  Whether you are looking for wanted signals or interferers you need the confidence that your spectrum analyzer will give you 100% probability of intercept in a given frequency range.

  • The Tektronix family of Real-Time Signal Analyzers offer a DPXTM Live RF spectrum display, a real-time architecture and sophisticated triggering proven to detect, identify and locate even the most elusive RF signals.
  • Spectrum Management, Monitoring and Surveillance applications where Tektronix Real-Time Signal Analyzers are used today include:
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Tektronix and X-COM Systems Platform Provide Unique Capabilities for RF Signal Capture and Analysis

The Tektronix RSA5000B and RSA6000B real-time spectrum analyzers and X-COM’s IQC5000A RF capture recorded playback system provide an excellent solution for challenging defense applications.

SignalVu-PC Demonstration Guide (with Stored Signals) – Bringing the Benefits of Wideband Vector Signal Analysis to your PC

Understand the benefits of SignalVu-PC Offline Vector Signal Analysis Software when using stored files from supported Tektronix Real-Time Signal Analyzers or Oscilloscopes.

10 Factors to Consider for Off-Air Measurements

Are you working in the Spectrum Management field? Here's 10 factors to consider as you evaluate measurement equipment.

Five Common Field and Remote Applications

Discover how to classify and locate signals of interest either from the field or in a remote/offline environment.

SA2500 Field Spectrum Management

Learn how to easily avoid interference and quickly find troublesome signal emitters in the increasingly crowded radio spectrum environment with Tektronix’ SA2500 handheld spectrum analyzer with DPX™ technology.

Real-Time Spectrum Analysis for EMI Diagnostics

Observe the different stages of design and test with respect to test equipment and EMI measurement techniques.

Troubleshooting and Characterizing Wide Band RF Systems Using a Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer

This application note examines the characteristics of modern RF test systems and demonstrates the use of Tektronix RSA6100A Series of Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers (RTSAs) in troubleshooting and characterizing them. Basic vector and spectrum measurements of transmitters, troubleshooting high-bandwidth systems and characterizing wide band DPD systems will be covered.

Fundamentals of Real-Time Spectrum Analysis

This primer describes how Real-Time Spectrum Analysis works and provides a basic understanding of how it can be used to solve many measurement problems associated with capturing and analyzing modern RF signals.

Spectrum Management/Surveillance Solutions Fact Sheet

This fact sheet covers how our DPX Live RF spectrum display helps you search and discover elusive signals.

Spybusters Case Study

Learn how Spybusters used the DPX™ Live RF spectrum display to ensure their clients' offices are free of listening devices.

Spectrum Management Overview Webinar

In our new webinar on RF spectrum management, we discuss real-time spectrum analysis tools, and how they have become the game-changer in spectrum management. Duration: 32 minutes.

RF Spectrum Management: Field Applications Webinar

This is a series of three webinars focused on RF Spectrum Management. Part 1 serves as a basis that focuses on real-time technology applied to spectrum management. Part 2 focuses on spectrum monitoring and signal analysis, then discuss some examples of monitoring applications. Part 3 looks at some of the challenges of fielding wireless technologies, and also looks at discovery of signals, locating of signals, and classifying of signals.

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