Satellite and Radio Test Equipment

Measurement confidence for next-generation secure satellite and radio communications.

Radio & Satellite

Whether you are moving into digital radio implementation or deploying mission-critical satellite systems, our innovative test solutions deliver the measurement confidence you need in your designs. Our signal generation and analysis tools provide the unique insight necessary for the development and debugging of modern communication systems with time-synchronous, multi-domain analysis across your functional components.

  • Real-Time Signal Analyzers:  Validate your transmitter design with confidence using the unique features of the RSA Series Real-Time Signal Analyzers, including the DPX™ Live RF spectrum (analyzer) display and frequency mask trigger.
  • Oscilloscope-based Solutions: Characterize wideband transmitter designs with SignalVu Vector Signal Analysis (VSA) Software integrated onto your Performance Oscilloscope, providing up to 33 GHz bandwidth measurements.
  • Arbitrary Waveform Generators:  Easily generate digital and analog baseband, IF, RF and microwave signals with the versatile AWG Series Arbitrary Waveform Generators to stimulate your design during validation.  The unique RFXpress® software simplifies creation of very complex signals.
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