HD-SDI Video

Standards to reference for the design and operation of both analog and digital HD-SDI video devices.

HD-SDI Video

Analog and digital HD-SDI video have many of the same constraints, and many of the problems that may occur in the digital domain are a result of incorrect analog source video. Therefore, it is important to have standards to reference for the design and operation of both analog and digital HD-SDI video devices.

For many, the HD-SDI video implementation will be part of a hybrid environment, adding complexity to the process of measurement, monitoring and analysis. Tektronix HD-SDI Video tools are designed for multi-format, multi-standard support and provide familiar user interfaces. Tektronix test & measurement tools and technical content will help guide you through the transition process of bringing HD-SDI Video services on line and ensuring operational efficiency.


Guide to Standard HD Digital Video Measurements

This guide discusses the basics of the digital signal and illustrates the measurements available to ensure your signals are valid and legal.

Understanding Jitter Measurement for Serial Digital Video Signals

In this technical guide, we describe the different techniques for measuring jitter in serial digital.

Surround Sound Audio Monitoring

Surround-sound technology has merged with digital television and other digital video technologies to create the home theater. Audio and video professionals need monitoring displays that help them visualize the auditory image that the viewer will experience.

Component Analog Signal Analysis: VM700T Option 30 and VM5000 Option SD

The VM5000 and VM700T are parallel automatic test sets for different applications. The VM700T is a precision measurement set for standard definition video formats in a transmission environment. The VM5000 is a precision multi-format component analog measurement set developed for the...

Timing and Synchronization in a Standard Definition Hybrid Video Facility

An application note explaining the complexities of an analog and digital multi-standard, multi-format environment that requires flexibility to achieve and maintain synchronization in facilities that operate in a mix of formats.

Understanding HD and 3G-SDI Video Poster

Digital Television Distribution Network Case Study

Monitoring Audio-to-Video Delay Errors In a Digital Television Distribution Network

Television Measurements: NTSC Systems

This booklet provides information on television test and measurement practices and serves as a comprehensive reference on methods of quantifying signal distortions. This publication deals with NTSC composite analog signals. Analog component, digital composite and compontent, and HDTV.....

A Guide to Maintaining Quality of Service for Digital Television Programs

Digital television programs consist of video, one or more channels of audio, and potentially large amounts of data. This guide covers the technologies relating to QoS for the video part of the program, which we will refer to as Video Quality of Service, or "QoS."


HD and 3G-SDI Physical Layer Webinar

There has always been a quest to achieve the film look within digital video, and with that comes the challenge to achieve higher resolutions with greater dynamic range, along with bit-depth at higher data rates. Learn about the methods being deployed to transport this high-speed data around a facility. 34 minutes.

3D Monitoring and Measurement

This presentation will provide you with a general understanding of Stereoscopic 3D Technology, review the challenges of producing content in 3D and how we create the experience of depth with our eyes and brain.

We will look at how to monitor stereoscopic 3D signals from the Left Eye and Right Eye cameras and how we need to ensure that the images from each camera are matched using the Tektronix WFM8000 series waveform monitors.

Broadcast Data Analysis / Ancillary Data Webinar

Today a wide variety of ancillary data is being carried within the serial digital interface (SDI) and it is important to ensure that this data is correctly formatted and conveys the correct information within the packet.

Layman's Guide to EYE & Jitter Measurements Webinar

This presentation explains in simple terms how to measure Eye and Jitter.

Advanced A/V Testing: How to Prevent Lip Synch Problems

In this webinar you will learn techniques for testing Audio/Video delay, in order to provide the best viewing and listening experience for your customers.

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