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Audio Test & Monitoring Solutions you need
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Tektronix’s Audio Test solutions can ensure audio loudness monitoring and compliance from Post Production, through to Broadcasters and Cable Operators. Our consistent Audio test and measurement approach makes Audio Loudness measurements the same way, regardless of signal or file format. This consistency enables traceability across the workflow and transmission chain.


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Post Production And Broadcast: Audio Loudness Correction On Your File Based Content

CerifyGo beyond audio checks by automatically correcting audio loudness in the audio essence(s). Working with a variety of container types, audio level correction can be applied to the entire essence duration, and can be triggered by non-compliance to EBU R128 or ITU-1770-3 Audio Loudness Recommendations. Automated loudness correction works for Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby-E, PCM audio formats.

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Broadcast: Learning To Live With Audio Loudness Standards

Loud SessionNew changes to the ITU-R BS.1770-3 standard for measuring and controlling Audio Loudness now allow operators and engineers to easily monitor the audio loudness of their programs. Learn more about these important changes through this Tektronix webinar.

Part 1 provides information on the basics of the standards.

  • Managing audio loudness using the updated ITU-R BS.1770-3 standards
  • ATSC recommended practice A/85 that provide techniques for establishing and maintaining audio loudness (CALM Act)

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Part 2 describes how to use a Tektronix Waveform Monitor or Rasterizer to measure and monitor audio loudness.

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Cable Monitoring: The Storm Before the CALM: Quieting Loud Commercials On Cable

Sentry AssureCable operators have a tough job ahead: they must monitor the audio volume of commercials on many channels, not just one, and confirm that they have taken steps to control excessive loudness. This is a daunting task but help is on the way: the Sentry Video Content Monitor automates the process, 24/7, and keeps its own records. Download this Application Note to find out more.

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Broadcast: Monitor Audio Loudness With Confidence, Day And Night

Sentry EdgeCALM Act compliance requirements never sleep, and neither can your audio loudness monitoring system. Sentry Edge’s versatile features make it possible to visualize 60-day summaries of audio loudness statistics and define custom alerts and technician contacts. And alert flooding is a thing of the past with Sentry Edge. Want to learn more?

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Broadcast: Put Your Waveform Monitors And Rasterizers To Work On Loudness Compliance

WAVEFORM MONITORS Audio loudness is easy to perceive but can be difficult to control. A good first step is to make Audio Loudness compliance measurements with a capable waveform monitor and rasterizer. Our new how-to guide explains the techniques you’ll need when using Tektronix monitors to make measurements that conform to ITU-R BS.1770-3 and other applicable standards.

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Cable Troubleshooting: QoS And QoE Troubleshooting And Diagnostics With The VQS1000 Video And Audio Quality Analysis Software.

Cable TroubleshootingThe powerful VQS1000 software lets you analyze Audio Loudness Compliance in real time, and on a captured stream. Used together with the MTS4000 MPEG Analyzer, this software can relate QoE issues to the QoS source. See a quick overview of this powerful MPEG Analyzer using the VQS1000 Video and Audio Quality Analysis software.

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Tektronix provides a range of solutions to monitor audio loudness throughout the production process to distribution and transmission.


CerifyCerify is a content analysis system for quality control of file based video and audio, ingested from a variety of different file formats and wrappers. That performs full automated verification and checking of syntax, video and audio parameters.

  • File Based Video and Audio Content Analysis
  • Supports Variety of video file formats
  • Supports Variety of audio file formats
    • MPEG-1/2, AAC, HE AAC, PCM (AES, BWF, AIFF, WAV), DV, WMA, Dolby D / AC-3, Dolby E, SMPTE 302M
  • Audio Loudness Measurement
  • Audio Loudness Correction


VQS1000VQS1000 Video Quality Analysis Software is a reliable and sophisticated analysis algorithms applied to decoded MPEG-2 or H.264 video to identify stuck, black, macro-blocking, and compression artifacts. This enables operators to distinguish between impairments resulting from network distribution versus artifacts resulting from compression.

  • Trending of video and audio metrics
  • Analysis of decoded MPEG-2, AC-3, MPEG-2 AAC, and MPEG-4 AAC audio to
  • Identifies loudness problems in accordance with ITU-R BS.1770/1771
  • Triggered-capture of streams and logging of live data enable offline analysis


SentryEnsure the quality of the viewing experience for your cable subscribers, increase uptime and reduce operational expenditures. Sentry® is a comprehensive video and audio quality monitoring solution for advanced video networks. It enables video service providers to deliver services with optimum quality.

  • Audio and Video Quality of Experience Scoring System
  • CALM Compliance Monitoring
  • Monitoring and reporting on audio volume level issues
  • Historical Reporting and Graphing

Waveform Monitor for Audio Loudness Measurement & Monitoring

WFM8300Tektronix provides a wide range of waveform monitors and rasterizers that support Analog Composite, Standard Definition(SD-SDI) to High Definition (HD-SDI) and 3G SDI video. With support a variety of support for Analog, Digital and Dolby audio formats.


  • Performance waveform monitor from Composite Analog to 3Gb/s SDI
  • Advanced Measurement and Analysis
  • Audio Options that support Analog, Digital, Embedded, Dolby


  • Waveform Monitor for Composite Analog, SD-SDI and HD-SDI
  • Audio Options that support Analog, Digital, Embedded, Dolby
  • Upgradeable to 3Gb/s SDI


  • Waveform Monitor for Composite Analog, SD-SDI and HD-SDI
  • Embedded Audio Option
  • Upgradeable to 3Gb/s SDI


  • Performance waveform rasterizer from Composite Analog to 3Gb/s SDI
  • Advanced Measurement and Analysis
  • Audio Options that support Analog, Digital, Embedded, Dolby


  • Waveform Rasterizer for Composite Analog, SD-SDI and HD-SDI
  • Audio Options that support Analog, Digital, Embedded, Dolby
  • Upgradeable to 3Gb/s SDI


  • Waveform Rasterizer for Composite Analog, SD-SDI and HD-SDI
  • Embedded Audio Option
  • Audio Loudness measurement option
  • Upgradeable to 3Gb/s SDI


MTS4000Tektronix MPEG Analysis Instruments are the industry standard for MPEG stream analysis and interoperability testing.

  • Analyze any Terrestrial, Cable, Satellite or Telco Transport Stream
  • A Wide Range of DTV Standards are Supported, including MPEG, DVB, ATSC, ISDB, and ISDB-TB
  • Video and Audio Quality Analysis
  • Tools for Creation and Analysis of Transport Streams

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