Tektronix provides the support, expertise and equipment to perform standards-compliant Tx and Coherent Optical testing for 400G Networking technologies. Tektronix is the only test and measurement vendor offering comprehensive 400Gb/s transmitter testing tools for NRZ, multi-level modulation as well as complex coherent modulation formats.

Tx Testing Solutions from Tektronix

Real-time Oscilloscope DPO70000SX offers un-paralleled debug and analysis capability for general purpose design, greatly simplifying the complex test setups found in 400G testing.

  • PAM4 Software for DPO70000SX offers fully featured 400G measurements supporting emerging OIF-CEI and IEEE standards.
    • Opt. PAM4 - Comprehensive PAM4 analysis and debug including jitter, noise, BER, SNDR and more. See datasheet »
    • Opt. 400G-TXE – TekExpress 400G TX electrical compliance solution (OIF-CEI-56G-VSR, MR, and LR). See datasheet »

Sampling Oscilloscope DSA8300 has exceptionally high dynamic range, making it well-suited for detailed characterization for PAM4 and Transmitter Distortion Eye Closure Quaternary (TDECQ) based measurements on both electrical and optical based signals for both R&D and manufacturing test.

  • PAM4 Software for DSA8300 offers fully featured 400G measurements supporting emerging OIF-CEI and IEEE standards.
    • Opt. 80SJARB/80SJNB -  Jitter, noise, and BER analysis of high-speed PAM-4 and PAM-2 NRZ serial data rates.  See datasheet »
    • Opt. 80S400G-TXO –TekExpress 400G TX optical compliance solution. (IEEE802.3bs and IEEE802.3cd).  See datasheet »

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Proper Measurement Tools for 100G/400G Datacom Testing
This application note walks through a number of common misconceptions and key considerations to help you select the proper scope technology (RTO vs. ETO) for your needs.
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